Who we work with

Our vision as a company is to create smart spaces; homes and or buildings through lighting controls, we work with manufacturers who share the same vision as us. Smart connected lighting controls is key to the users wellbeing as well as the lifecycle of the building or space, below are some of the partners we work and collaborate with however as we strive to be truly agnostic we will design and choose a solution no matter the manufacturer as long as it benefits the project.

Digital Lumens Inc

We are a strategic Systems partner with Digital Lumens Inc. Offering a full design, supply and commission service on their Encelium and Digital Lumens brands. 
  • Encelium is  the industry’s most robust, secure, and reliable  lighting controls system for diverse projects — from small areas to ambitious large-scale deployments. For those who prefer wired systems, Encelium is as advanced and as simple as possible which utilises DALI2 technology and the robust Zigbee wireless technology making  projects fast and error-free since its extremely intuitive to install,  Wireless controls are inherently easier and faster for electrical contractors to install since they don’t have to pull wires from device to device. It’s ideal for retrofits and new construction.  For those who prefer a wired system, we’ve made ours as advanced and simple as possible. We take the work out of wiring with our innovative DALI two-wire communication topology, which supplies power and data to the Encelium system. DALI technology makes wired projects fast and error-free since it’s extremely intuitive to install 
  • In some installations, it may make sense to use a hybrid system design that combines wired and wireless technologies in one installation. For example, you may want to add a wireless floor or building to an existing wired project. Or different tenants within a building may have a preference for wired or wireless. For these situations and more, we offer unequaled expertise in creating reliable hybrid solutions. And thanks to built-in DALI2 technology, our hybrid solutions eliminate the need for batteries in sensors and keypads, maximizing convenience and flexibility


Molex CoreSync incorporates a wide range of devices and sensors to allow this versatile smart building solution to be adapted for a variety of applications and industries. Control lighting, AV, HVAC, plug loads and more from one central place.

CoreSync is built on flexible PoE connectivity, but where wired connection is not necessary we offer wireless devices powered by EnOcean energy harvesting technology.

CoreSync Manager is an IP-based smart building lighting controller designed to connect and control thousands of lighting luminaries, shades, and sensor devices in a smart building. CoreSync manager provides a unique real-time human-centric, bio-adaptive and immersive lighting experience.

CoreSync manager includes:

  • Fully featured Design Tool which is used for designing the lighting experience
  • A real-time Facility Manager to provide a live of all zones and devices in the system
  • A commissioning and diagnostics tool used to discover and configure devices in the network as well as perform over the network firmware upgrades