Who we work with

Our vision as a company is to create smart spaces; homes and or buildings through lighting controls, we work with manufacturers who share the same vision as us. Smart connected lighting controls is key to the users wellbeing as well as the lifecycle of the building or space, below are some of the partners we work and collaborate with however as we strive to be truly agnostic we will design and choose a solution no matter the manufacturer as long as it benefits the project.

Encelium, OSRAM Lighting controls


We are a strategic business partner with Osram Digital Intelligence business unit. Offering a full design, supply and commission service on their Encelium; DALI Professional and HubSense solutions, contact us to find out more. ENCELIUM | OSRAM DS

Chess UK Mymesh

One of the leading and innovative wireless ecosystems today, Chess lead the way in SMART connected lighting controls. Mymesh wireless controls | Secure, Scalable, Robust

Smart Home control scotland

Ampio Smart Home

Our goal

We have created SmartHome, so that all those who have expectations of their houses/flats (like we did once) could fulfil them at an affordable price. And fulfil them to their fullest.

We develop and manufacture devices of the best quality, great reliability and stability.

Ampio SmartHome is extremely flexible and scalable. Installation of our Smart Home does not have to end with the conclusion of installation works. We can take it further afterwards, at any given point in time. Therefore, the initial budget can be limited to a certain level, and the system can be further expanded, completed and configured at a later stage.
- Ampio Smart Home