We are an experienced design house who specialise in lighting controls design, application and philosophy. We are focused on delivering a unique open design approach to today's buildings and spaces. Whether working on a new project or upgrading an existing building, improving building performance in the long term is our goal and one we achieve through our design philosophy and holistic methodology.


No matter where your project is , whether you are facing commissioning difficulties, design disagreements, looking for new local partners or need a fresh eye to oversee, we are available and ready to bring our unique approach and expertise to your project either in a consultancy capacity or through our project coordination skill set.

We  are representatives for many unique and specialist manufacturers and suppliers, we choose to work with and represent only the best locally and on a global scale to offer a complete turnkey solution to the market, by working for and on behalf of manufacturers we can help and assist them to increase their presence in the market, by acting as a local or regional system partner or representative we improve the visibility of manufacturers in the region.