Hankinson Way, Salford Subways

Subway Lighting- DesignPlan Lighting

Recently we set up and fully commissioned colour changing lighting (DMX) for our valued client DesignPlan lighting.  working alongside Alliance Electrical on a revamp and refresh project to the subways near Salford shopping centre. 

DMX lighting is a unique way to give vibrant colour to areas to illuminate and highlight features, used widely in the stage and theatrical world DMX/RDM light fixtures are used to enhance productions. In this case we used DMX light fixtures from DesignPlan to illuminate and enhance the revamped pedestrian subways. By contrasting colours in each of the six subways as you will see from our images below we created static colours different in each of the subways.

We achieved this by utilising a stand- alone DMX product form NICOLAUDIE(SLESA-U10)which we have used on numerous occasion and we find very easy to use and set up, the U10 is one of the latest products from NICOLAUDIE which allows upto 99 scenes and also WIFI access.

Asda Distribution Centre- Grangemouth

We attended site for our clients to re-configure more than 120 DALI fixtures.
The task meant we had to connect up DALI fixtures and re-configure them to 25% of power output. these fixtures were connected to an existing Central Battery System which was near full capacity, by re-configuring these new DALI LED fixtures to only Power ON at 25% output reducing power consumption from 34W - 8W per fixture.

Our engineers used a tried and tested method of powering up the DALI fixtures and connecting them to a DALI power supply and connecting to the fixtures via Tridonic's Master configurator software allowed our engineers to re-configure the fixture values. 

Jack Martin said " By setting these fixtures at 25% capacity our clients fixtures will not overload the existing electrical infrastructure, at a moments notice our client called and asked if we could help them out as a matter of urgency. We mobilised quickly and set all the fixtures on the floor before they were installed by the electrical contractor."